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    About Us

    Solfin Solutions Limited was Established in 2005, to provide advisory services in financial investment planning, primarily focusing on life insurance cover, children education saving plans and pension savings.
     In 2010, The Company diversified into Mining and Renewable Energy. Solfin Solutions now does Project Development and Management  for both middle and low income schemes by providing green and ecofriendly solutions.
    Solfin is  also one of the leading miners of major supplements for the manufacture of cement In Kenya. Some of our most valuable clients include, Bamburi Cement, Tororo Cement, National Cement, Athi River Mining, East African Portaland, & Mombasa Cement.
    At Solfin Solutions, we aim to simplify your life with professional, down to earth concepts, providing innovative Renewable Energy technologies in your projects.
    We gives expert design solutions in waste management,biomass conversion to energy and appropriate technologies in low cost construction materials.

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    Our Directors

      • A Degree Holder in Renewable Energy
      • A Diploma Holder in Business and Project Management
      • A Certified contractor of solar thermal systems
      • Undergoing certification and training on solar PV systems.
    • Director of Solfin Solutions- Project manager in mining and concessions & renewable energy projects.


    Co-founder & Group CEO
    • Director of Solfin Solutions
    • A Bachelor of Arts in Project Design graduate from the University of Derby
    • Plays a big role in Employee Training and Project Development
    • Is extensively experienced in managing all aspects of employee benefits relations within the organization.


    HR Manager